Where Do You Lose Weight First?


This is a hot topic question that people new to their weight loss journey always ask. Though there are different opinions on which area of the body people lose weight first, there is no definite answer.

Finding your body type can help determine where you lose weight first in your body. In general, weight loss starts in the face, moves to the arms, goes to the legs, and finally, the belly is the last area to lose weight. However, this changes from person to person as everyone’s metabolism and body type can differ.

What’s Your Body Type?

Body type is not just about height and weight. It is also about the distribution of fat, muscle, and bone. For this reason, there are three main categories of body types: ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs. 

This body type is long and lean with a thin build. Their slender appearance results from slower weight gain, muscle growth, and lower body fat levels. When an ectomorph gains fat, they appear “skinny-fat,” with the weight gain developing in their midsection. Their metabolism can slow down depending on diet, exercise, and age.

The endomorph body type is round. They have a larger bone structure and have a slower metabolism. Because of this, Endomorphs gain weight quickly. Fat sticks around the midsection, rear, thighs, arms, and face for an endomorph.

Mesomorphs are people with a medium bone structure, and they have a more athletic build. Fat usually develops around the arms, torso, and legs. The mesomorph body type can lose weight with greater ease than the other two body types, but this also has the opposite effect; it’s easier for them to gain weight quickly.

Where’s the weight loss based on body type?

Research has found that, in general, a person’s body type determines their weight loss patterns. Weight loss for all kinds usually starts from the face and then the arms and legs, then the last place is the belly area. Although, ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs will lose weight differently because the fat distributes differently in their bodies. 

  • An ectomorph will most likely notice a loss of weight in the belly first because the ectomorph has less body fat in other areas.
  • For the endomorph body type, they will start to see your standard fat loss flow. It will begin in the face, then move to the arms, legs, and belly.
  • The mesomorphs typically see the body fat melt away around the arms, legs, and belly first.

It’s essential to find an excellent strategy to speed up weight loss. One popular method is eating less and exercising more. For a general beginner’s guide to weight loss, you can follow these other guides: I Can’t Lose Weight No Matter What I do Other strategies work well for particular people based on the three different body types. 

Workout Strategies for Your Body Type

This section will discuss the best workout strategies that you can implement to ensure that your body type is on track. We will start by going over some workouts that work well for ectomorphs and endomorphs.

The high metabolism of ectomorphs means they can feasibly get away with less cardio. A weight training program will be more suitable for this body type. Weight training will improve the overall aesthetic appeal and eliminate that skinny-fat look. More muscle will also mean that the ecomorph will require less time running and more time enjoying life.

Endomorphs will have the most challenging time losing the extra pounds. The Endomorph body type packs on the pounds and refuses to give it away. Low-intensity cardio and weight training will be best for this body type. People with this body type should focus on compound lifts for weight training. The goal is to gain muscle with low intensity and low impact. Compound lifts are perfect for that.

People with the last body type, the mesomorphs, are fortunate. Their body has just as easy of a time packing on the weight as they lose it. Their preference can select for their workout. Depending on their aesthetic goal, they can focus on cardio or weight lifting. If a person with this body type wants to look lean and have a slimmer build, they can focus on cardio. If they want a more muscular physique, they should focus on strength training. The only drawback to this body type is the need to work on it consistently.


The general census of the question “Where do you Lose Weight First?” follows the face, arms, legs, and torso. But it depends on a myriad of factors. The three different body types quickly sum up these factors. Whether you’re an ectomorph, endomorph, or mesomorph, you should have a basic understanding of what you might expect when losing weight.

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